About Harrodsburg, Kentucky Marty

We thought we would share a bit about Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Harrodsburg has a population of just a bit less than 9,000 people, and has an incredibly pleasant historic district that is quaint, charming, and popular among travellers looking to see towns that were settled back in the 1700’s. The most [ » ]

About Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Welcome to our Blog Marty

Old Fort Harrod welcomes you to our blog, which is in existence to give information about Old Fort Harrod. Old Fort Harrod was the first American Settlement, well, the first permanent American settlement in the state of Kentucky, settled back in 1774. The Fort is named after James Harrod, who [ » ]

Welcome to our Blog

Our trip to Louisville Marty

This weekend, we made the trip to Louisville, Kentucky to visit some family near Louisville University. We were in the city for a couple of days on Saturday and yesterday, and walked around Louisville University’s beautiful campus to see the scenery. Here’s some great pictures from the trip: We loved [ » ]

Our trip to Louisville

Our favorite part of working in a State Park Marty

Our absolute favorite part of working in a state park is the fact that we get to meet so many new people. If you factor all of the visitors that come to Old Fort Harrod State Park yearly, the opportunity to converse and find out where people are from and [ » ]

Our favorite part of working in a State Park